Everyday is Magickal

If I am indeed wise, I do not bid you enter the House of my Wisdom,
But rather lead you to the Threshold of your own Mind!

Tamara Von Forslun affectionately known as the Witch of Oz has been studying, practicing, and teaching Wicca, Wiccecraft, Magick, Shamanism, Tarot and Herbal Medicine for over 5 decades, and she is the perfect person to help you explore the ancient systems that can lead to a reawakening in the 21st century.

Welcome to Tamara Von Forslun

The Old Religion known as Wicca, uses an ancient pagan system of internal and external alchemizing as a way to heal and cause a reawakening and a new awareness of the Mother Goddess and her deepest mysteries.

By improving our communication with our subtler levels of rhythm and change, we can move more easily and completely into the Age of Aquarius.